Salt Spring Island man to be honoured as world changing inventor

 A Salt Spring Island man who’s made his fortune coming up with good ideas and inventions is being inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

 Don Arney is behind some life changing creations used around the world.

Don Arney dreams big and tapping the ideas that spring from him like daydreams, he’s invented a life beyond his wildest dreams.

“That’s the little thing that just comes from nowhere. The idea just popss,” says Don Arney smiling. “It’s given me a quality of life that I never imagined. It’s hard to imagine a life I would have been more happy. More fulfilled.”

 A few of his inventions have met such success that he wakes to sweeping views over Salt Spring Island where he built his dream home.
His Tesla is parked in the driveway because his helicopter’s in the garage.

“Just have to be grateful for them,” says Arney.

His most famous invention is the Bambi Bucket.

 “This is a classic example of being in the right place at the right time with the right product,” he says.

The heavy duty, portable water balloon that fills and collapses easily into a powerful column of water to extinguish its fiery target.
A firefighting weapon that has 95% of the world market in heli-bucketing and is now used is 110 countries. That Arney dreamed up in an evening.

“Oh it was a great evening. It was a fun evening,” says Arney.
He’s also invented inflatable floats for planes and a double walled fuel bladder that allows fuel to be transported by plane. Reducing the cost of getting fuel to the north by half.

Now Arney is preparing for the ultimate honour of his career, being inducted into the Inventors Hall of Fame this May.

“I feel very grateful you know,” says Arney.

Never taking for granted, that he’s lucky to be doing what he loves and hopeful his best ideas are still to come.