Passport nightmare for 97-year-old Victoria woman

WATCH: The bureaucracy of getting a new passport into a nightmare for 97-year-old Victoria woman.  Now she’s ready to call it quits. Isabelle Raghem reports.

Grace Wilson turned 97-years-old last week and she’s still strumming to the rhythm.

Her family celebrated her birthday in Victoria, but her daughter, Janice, says they were hoping to have spent the day across the border where they like to go shopping in Bellingham.

Before Christmas, the two started the process to renew her expired passport: filling forms, gathering documents and getting new pictures taken.

Fast forward to months later, their efforts remain fruitless.

“Every time we go there there seems to be something else that’s missing, or something we’ve done wrong. We need a new BCID card that expired the day before we got there,” says her daughter, Janice Wilson. 

Service Canada sent them to ICBC, to get a new ID card.

There, Grace Wilson was asked to bring her marriage certificate, to prove her married name.

Then, they rejected her 97-year-old birth certificate.

“Because of this little piece [of paper ripped], there they wouldn’t accept it,” explains Grace Wilson. 

Adding to frustrations, because she was born in Saskatchewan, she was told she’ll need to apply for a new birth certificate through that province — which could take months. 

“Then I thought, oh forget it. I wasn’t going to go through it anymore,” says Grace Wilson. 

But her daughter, Janice, isn’t ready to give up. 

“I’m not going to forget it, I’m on a mission now.” 

Both say they understand there are rules, but say they are far too complicated for the elderly — especially for those like Grace Wilson who aren’t familiar with the internet or online applications.