Nanaimo boy’s family searching for Star Wars KD

Watch:  6 year old Everett Botwright loves Kraft Dinner Star Wars Mac and Cheese. Dean Stoltz reports

6 year old Everett Botwright loves Kraft Dinner Star Wars Mac and Cheese.

It is his favorite meal, but he’s now running low and he and his family are seriously concerned about it. 

But this isn’t a simple case of a child’s pickiness.
Everett has Autism Spectrum Disorder and parents of children with ASD know the struggles all to well.
Their boys and girls restrict or have ritualistic behaviors around the food they eat, so much so that it can result in nutritional deficiencies that lead to weight loss, malnutrition and inadequate growth. 
His father, Reed Botwright said, “We purchased things with brands and what not that he might like, taken it home and because of taste, texture, smell, sensory issues he didn’t like it. He tried it, taste it and no it was not going to work.”
Then recently on a shopping trip to Walmart Everett spotted the Star Wars Mac and cheese and said he wanted it. 
Everett is a big Star Wars fan.
His father said , “He loves, I think the marketing really helped, he saw R2D2, he’s a big BB8 fan and he gravitated towards that and he remembers having Kraft Dinner so he said I want to eat that so we were like whoa, he never does that, we grabbed as many as we could.”
But, the Star Wars Mac and Cheese was only a limited run product and it soon ran out on store shelves.
That’s when Reed went to social media and soon people were showing up at his doorstep with Mac and Cheese. 
“People have also really shared their stories on my wall on that post about how they’ve had children with issues with eating and now they’ve had to deal with autism.” said Botwright. 
He understands his son’s tastes could change on a dime, but for now he just wants to keep enough of this in the house.