Victoria Police rescue child from car after finding mother unconscious behind the wheel

WATCH: Victoria Police are investigating a woman for impaired driving after a disturbing incident at a Gorge Road apartment complex Thursday night. April Lawrence reports.

Home video shows Victoria Police desperately trying to smash out the passenger window of a car that is locked and running in the parking lot of an apartment complex on Gorge Road East Thursday night.

They’re trying to rescue a baby, strapped in a carseat in the back seat, and her mother, who is unconscious in the driver’s seat.

Officers get the child out, cover her with a blanket and try to comfort her, while the mom is put on a stretcher and taken to a waiting ambulance.

Police say once they took a look in the vehicle they believed the woman could be impaired.

“The officers saw some pretty clear evidence of drugs and alcohol in the car,” said Bowen Osoko, acting spokesperson for Victoria Police.

The woman is taken to hospital and then into police custody.

Police say when they first rescued the baby she was crying, but witnesses watched as officers grabbed her soother and doll from the car, doing everything they could to comfort the scared child.

“It looked like the lady cop was actually talking to her and held her in her arms, and she wasn’t flinching or anything,” said Debbie Tyson who lives nearby and watched the incident unfold.

Police won’t say where the baby is now, other than to say she is safe.

“When the child was brought to hospital the child was released quite quickly with no injuries which is good,” said Osoko.

The car has since been towed — all that’s left is a pile of broken glass.

Police are crediting the actions of the bystanders who first noticed the car, and tried to get in themselves while they waited for police.

“They did their best to help and that’s what really helped rescue that child,” said Osoko.

It’s unclear how the vehicle ended up, locked and running, in the parking lot.

The building manager isn’t sure if the woman is a tenant of the neighbouring apartments but says the parking spot isn’t hers.

Those who do live in the building say they can’t believe what happened.

“I’m sorry that’s terrible, as a mom, I don’t care, that’s terrible,” said Tyson.

Police aren’t yet confirming what, if any, charges could be laid.

The CRD’s Integrated Road Safety Team (IRSU) is now leading the investigation.