Our Place part of Chinese New Year celebrations

WATCH: As the Year of the Rooster kicks off, a special Chinese New Year’s lunch was held for Victoria’s most vulnerable

Chinese New Year celebrations are underway on Vancouver Island this weekend as the Year of the Rooster kicks off.

One of those events was a special New Year’s lunch for Victoria’s most vulnerable.

It was a full house for this Chinese New Year’s feast at Our Place on Saturday.

It was put on by several local groups including the Victoria Chinatown Lioness, the Victoria Chinese Commerce Association, the Dart Coon Club and Fairway Market.

The tasty treats included chow mein, vegetable chop suey and sweet and sour pork as well as fortune cookies and lucky candies to kick off the new year

“We want people to bring in the new year with lots of luck, lots of happiness and lots of good health,” says event organizer and Victoria city councillor Charlayne Thornton-Joe. 

“One of the good things of the year of the rooster is where some zodiac signs are not lucky for some people, the year of the rooster is a pretty good year for everyone in the zodiac as long as you are like a rooster and you work hard, you’re loyal.”

The annual ceremonial lion dance will take place in Victoria’s Chinatown Sunday.

The hugely popular event starts at 11 am and cultural festivities go until 2 pm.